Together with Studio Kleiner and three different Architects
I launched Ash wood to Dinesen’s product line.

Art Direction

As Art Director at Dinesen, I produced the campaign for the anticipated release of a new product line, Ash wood.

Dinesen wanted to create a campaign that reflected their way of working in close collaboration with architects and designers.

I teamed up with Studio Kleiner in Stockholm and Documentary film photographer Linn Alluna in Copenhagen to create a series of images and interviews that would show all aspects of working on a collaboration with Dinesen.

Three different architects were asked to work with Ash Wood and create a combination of materials that would reflect their way of working. This resulted in three different, and playful combinations. These were sent to Studio Kleiner, who interpreted them and combined them, into graphic spaces, that would bring out the qualities of each material.

During my time at Dinesen, I worked in close collaboration with different parts of the organization, as well as external partners and consultants.

Besides this, I also initiated the idé of activating the showrooms in both Copenhagen and Århus. Making them come alive.

Images were mounted in led frames, that were built into custom oak frames. This was one of the first steps that we took, in order to start activating Dinesens showrooms.