Tensta-Hjulsta Women’s Center

Center for women in Tensta-Hjulsta is a non-profit association
that works to break women’s isolation and segregation.
In close collaboration with the women running the center,
I designed their new digital platform.

Kvinnocenter i Tensta-Hjulsta and K.Ö.K, website on phone

Working with the women's center was a great experience. I had the opportunity to work closely with the members and the women running the center.

A big challenge with this project was that the website had to work as two websites in one. It had to represent both the women's center and k.ö.k, which is a feminist platform that experiments with ways of building a feminist institution from the existing experiences, location, and context of the community of The Women’s Centre in Tensta Hjulsta.

Besides this, another big challenge was to create a website, that women from different backgrounds and ages would be able to interact with.

Kvinnocenter i Tensta-Hjulsta and K.Ö.K website on phone
Kvinnocenter i Tensta-Hjulsta and K.Ö.K website
Kvinnocenter i Tensta-Hjulsta and K.Ö.K website