Simple Feast

Simple Feast strives towards being an all-around sustainable food company,
setting the bar, for the rest of the industry.

As a part of the Global Design Team, I set out to create a cohesive omnichannel
experience, bridging the experience of receiving a Simple Feast meal kit and
interacting with Simple Feast online.

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Digital Design
End-to-end e-commerce redesign

We wanted to increase conversion, customer engagement, and own Simple Feast’s brand position,
by making the design and visual universe reflect Simple Feast's simple, yet refined view on how we should eat.

Succeeding in doing this, we would establish Simple Feast as something far more, than just a meal box.

I wanted the new website to reflect the simple, yet refined experience, customers have when they receive Simple Feast’s meal kits.

In other words, put more focus on what actually matters.

The landing page was dedicated to introducing Simple Feast’s main selling points, in an immersive, and story-driven experience.

These were divided into vertical chapters with related, horizontal deep dives, for those wanting to learn more.

We incorporated illustrations and more living typography into the stand-alone products.

This worked as a great contrast to an otherwise more toned-down universe, adding an organic and playful side to the overall experience of buying into Simple Feast.

The checkout flow was initially designed as a single page, with multiple choices, giving the customer somewhat of an overwhelming experience.

This was solved by dividing the checkout into 3 steps and designing it as an overlay rather than a separate page. The result is a lucid experience, guiding you through the process while keeping it simple!

Another small detail that we added to always provide the customer with the option to opt-in or continue shopping, was the up-sell highlight in the menu.

We unfolded Simple Feast's editorial universe and initiated a bigger process of starting to create our own editorial content, meaning visiting everything from farmers to end customers, to give you an idea of what Simple Feast stands for, and who they work with.

This created a great fundament for some roll-outs and advertising.

Being responsible for digital design at Simple Feast has been a great experience. I've had the opportunity to work closely and iteratively with a skilled tech team, gain more insights into both the e-commerce and font-end department, as well as being in contact and coordinating with external consultants and agencies.