Visit Anholt

I designed a digital platform and art directed the visual universe
for the municipality of Nordjurs and the Island of Anholt.

Art Direction
Digital Design

Anholt is a small island in the middle of Kattegat. A large part of its ca 150 inhabitants live of tourism, that’s mainly centered around the summer season.

I initiated the project by doing an unsolicited pitch to the municipality of Nordjurs. Besides being responsible for the Digital Design, Art Direction, and Photography of this project, I was also responsible for the ongoing communication and coordination with the municipality, the offices of Visit Denmark, and the inhabitants of Anholt to make sure that everyone would be happy with the result. 

Based on the premise, that Anholt needed a platform that could tell its “full story”. I suggested that we should mediate all aspects and seasons of the island, and let this be reflected in the online experience. By doing this we would introduce more people to all seasons on the Island, and extend the season of tourism beyond the already, popular summer months. 

To do this, I focused on the nature of the Island, and the people living and working on and in relation to the island. I did portraits of different characters and places on the Island, as well as documenting the different types of fauna found on the Island, in different seasons.

Visit Anholt website on phone, design by Ekstra
Visit Anholt website on phone, design by Ekstra
Visit Anholt website on phone, design by Ekstra

Different amenities in relation to traveling to the Island, and being on the Island were categorized into before and on the island pages, with respective filters for separate categories.